Refresh your home this festive season! - 20 Jun 2017

The festive season is upon us once more. It’s also the season we end up spending too much on making our homes look good. This Hari Raya, we have some suggestions that could save you time and money on redecorating so you can spend more on what matters most, your loved ones.

Here are our top 6 tips:

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1. Rearrange your furniture

  Credit: Huffington Post

There is nothing quite as therapeutic as rearranging your furniture. As Carrie Barron M.D. says “As you re-arrange your personal space, you hone your aesthetic and identify what you truly love, want or need.”


2. Repurpose / upcycle your décor

  Credit: Good Housekeeping

While it’s nice to buy new things, re-purposing junk lying around your house doesn’t just make you feel clever, creative and resourceful; you’ll feel good and not feel guilty for spending all that money.


3. Freshen up your upholstery and carpets

  Credit: Care2

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is definitely a secret weapon. It is so versatile, used not just for cooking; it’s a great chemical-free alternative to those expensive store-bought cleaners.


4. Change your fabric covers

  Credit: Organize Your Stuff Now

Now No sewing machine, no problem! Just grab some extra fabric, or even better, use a t-shirt or dress you no longer wear and make some fancy pillow covers to brighten up your space.


5. Add plants

  Credit: Huffington Post

So you say you're not blessed with green thumbs? These plants are really forgiving and are least likely to die on you. With the added bonus of purifying the air, it’s a no brainer to decorate with plants.


6. Make DIY serving dishes

  Credit: Babble

Entertain your guests in style with personalized one-of-a-kind serving dishes. This is also a crafty way to repurpose some of your old decorative items.


We hope you enjoy refreshing and redecorating your home this festive season! We'd also like to wish you Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri from all of us at KIAN.