'TIS THE SEASON: Top 6 Tips To Decorating - 23 Nov 2017


Between the endless stream of holiday music and festive events, there are many opportunities in which you can blow your budget, especially with Christmas decorations. Let’s start the holidays off right this Christmas, with a plan to be more joyful whilst spending less.

Here are our top six tips.

1. Less is more

Credit: Better Homes & Gardens

To add festivity in your dining area, a few sprigs of greenery, the warm glow of tea lights will do the trick. Save the money you didn't spend on festive tableware and decor, and use it buying presents instead. If you want to get crafty, create your own centerpieces. This way, you get the Christmas atmosphere without going over budget.

2. Make it sweet

Credit: Pink When

Candy season is never over. Instead of filling your vases with flowers, fill them with candy canes, gingerbread and chocolate coins for everyone to snack on.

3. Add colour with pillows

Credit: Better Homes & Gardens

On a budget? Get red and white pillows and pile them up on the couch! Add green to compliment the red tones and emphasise the festive atmosphere. If you want more variety, add pillows with typography or Christmas icons to make your pillows really stand out.

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4. Light it up!

Credit: Country Living

Bring out your inner child by making the Christmas of your dreams. Drape fairy lights around your home to get a cozy atmosphere, getting you away from the fact we live in the tropics.

5. Don’t forget the bathroom

Credit: Houzz

Switch out your towels to seasonal colors and include some fall-scented candles, like gingerbread to turn your bathroom into a Christmas wonderland.

6. Go green

Credit: Good Housekeeping

The epitome of Christmas, Christmas trees are essential but costly. Buy miniature trees and place it around the house. Small is cute — and it works, whether you have one or five. If Christmas trees are not really your thing, put green garlands around the house to add a touch of greenery and festivity to your home.



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