Secret Santa: Office Edition - 15 Dec 2017

Secret Santa: Office Edition 

It's that time of the year again and we are excited for this season of giving. Just in case, here are some last minute Secret Santa ideas for your office Christmas party. It might be a little too late to order some fancy gifts online, but here are some cool gifts you could get from your friendly neighbourhood mall. Happy Shopping!!

Budget: RM10 - 30

Scarf: for the perpetually chilly

Although you can’t change the office thermostat, give them a nice cozy blanket to fight off the cold. 
Flower pot: the green thumb 

For the co-worker that has a small garden growing around their desk.
Fidget spinner: the one with the writer’s block 

Get them a fidget spinner to get their mind off the writing for at least a minute or two. 
Phone stand: for the swamped 

Get your co-worker phone stand so they can always be on standby while catching up on their other work. 
Planner: for the organised

To win the heart of your co-worker, get a planner so they can plan down anything and everything they want. 
Mug: for the office zombie

Get this for your co-worker who needs their daily coffee fix, or just has no place to put their pencils.

Budget: RM 30 - RM 60

Mini Fridge Warmer and Cooler USB Powered: the soda junkie

Never worry about getting drinks stolen from your office fridge. 
Books: for the bookworm

Give books to your co-worker who loves anything from stories to cooking. There's something for everyone, even the cat lady.
Custom Zippo Lighter: for the designated birthday cake-lighter

Name your flame! Give your co-worker a personalised zippo lighter that they never have to search for a lighter whenever there's a birthday cake, or even for those who take smoke breaks. 
Kangaroo water bottle: for the gym junkie 

This water bottle is everything the minimalist in your life will need. Unclick the button in the middle to reveal a secret compartment that fits keys, cash, and credit cards.

Share with us your favourite last minute Secret Santa gifts!